Greenfield Strategy

Moving the axis of care: Redesigning a facility to provide patient-centric and efficient services

Our client was a pharmaceutical company with bold plans to diversify into the health care provider space. As the first step towards developing a network of hospitals in Western India, the client aspired to develop a state-of-the-art 500 bed multispecialty tertiary care hospital. This hospital would set the benchmark for quality care and operational efficiency in the region.

To support this aspiration, the client commissioned a reputed architectural firm to plan and design the facility. While the architects had delivered a superior design aesthetic for the facility, they had little knowledge of healthcare delivery in India. The promoters were concerned that the facility stacking plan and layouts would not deliver the efficiencies that they sought. HealthBridge was requested to review the facility designs and work with the architects to rapidly turnaround the facility drawings in line with their aspirations.


Download : Impact Story_Greenfield.pdf